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Why Do You Write?

Yesterday I bared my heart and told you Why I Write For Young Readers.  Today, I’d love to hear from you.  Why do you write?  Why do you write the kind of books, stories, poems, articles or whatever it is you write? This is your chance to bare your heart, dear reader.



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Why I Write for Young Readers

I was one myself.  Yup.  I know how it is to be 11 or 12, with all the freedom and restrictions, joy and pain it involves.  So when I write, I feel like that young person, and for a while  I become her.  I wake up to the smell of toast my mom is making, feel the pebbles through my runners, hear my bike’s tires on the road, taste the warm, ripe blackberries, see spooky shapes in the trees at night. 

Writing is the most exciting thing I do.  I’m never so alive, for such an extended period of time, as when I’m in my young protagonist’s body and mind, living her life.  That’s why I write.

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Author or Writer

ImageRecently, I’ve been wondering if as someone who has and is writing original novels, some of which I’ve published, as paperbacks and as e-books, I’m a writer or an author.  I’ve also had poems, articles and short stories published in magazines and books.

I’ve been reading other people’s blogs where the question, “Am I an author, a writer, both, or neither?” is being discussed.

The arguments appear to fall into two camps: one camp bases the nomenclature on content and the other bases it on publishing.  Camp 1 says, if you write, you’re a writer.  If the writing is your  own idea, originating with you, then you’re its author.  If the writing is about someone else or about their ideas, you’re a writer.  Camp 2 says if you write, you’re a writer.  If your writing is published, you’re an author.

But Camp 2 can be broken down into Camp 2A, which says that you must publish a book, not a story or poem, to be called an author, and Camp 2B which states that the publisher must be a recognized publishing house; you can’t self-publish or be an indie publisher, otherwise you’re a writer but not an author.

The Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary makes it difficult to distinguish between author and writer.  It defines an author as “the writer of a literary work (as a book)” and a writer as “one that writes.

So far, I’m not clear about e-books and which camp you’re in if you consider an e-book a published book.

I would love to hear your opinion.


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Spring Break is coming soon! Reading My Books at Our Library

Mark your calendars.  March 20, at 4:00 PM, the Mayne Island Library will be open to everyone who wants to hear about Magda and Brent’s adventures on Mayne Island.  I’ll be mining my three novels for stories to interest and entertain, and I’ll also be reading from my fourth novel for the 9 – 13 crowd, the as-yet unheard stories of their further adventures!  (This fourth novel is in its early stages.)

If you want to ask me any questions about writing, I’ll be happy to answer them the best I can.

See you at the Mayne Island Library on Wednesday, March 20, for some fun with books.

PS  The Library is providing light refreshments, as well.


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Things I Like and Don’t Like

I got this idea from vinnylanni

Since I’m “baring my heart,” I might as well tell you a few things about my preferences.

I like the beauties of the natural world.  I find inspiration in the  sky, rocks, ocean, animals and plants.  That’s one of my reasons for choosing Mayne Island as my new home.

I like people.  I find them fascinating and wonderful.  I never get tired of people.

I like the language of children.  I find them so surprising.  They have new ways of looking at the world and of expressing their observations.

I like crocheting.  I design hats, just hats, and each one is different.  I always enjoy creating a new one.

I like to write.  I’ve written 3 books and many stories, poems, articles, and so on, and am always happy when immersed in writing.


I don’t like violence and cruelty.  It makes me sad.

I don’t like the experience of  speed.

I don’t like competition.


For now, that’s all I want to share.  But these are important things, to me.  I also have preferences in books, music, colours, food, and so forth.  Perhaps I’ll share them later.


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Life is a lot of things.  It’s tough.  It’s wonderful. It’s an adventure.  It’s a journey.

One thing it is for me is:

            different  from anything I could have imagined when I was young.
I’m writing this blog for myself, to explore my own heart’s thoughts and feelings, memories and aspirations, and I’m writing it for everyone else who’s interested.  Perhaps friends and relatives will talk a look at it from time to time, to find out what new insights I’ve had or puzzling experiences I’m trying to sort out.

I’m a writer.  That’s what I love to do and would do almost incessantly  if I could.

I’m a friend, a sister, a wife, a mother, and grandmother, a counsellor, a teacher, and so much more.

I love to walk, but, it’s become a challenge.  Arthritis has slowed me down and yesterday I tripped and fell, bending a toe that is no longer bendable, or so I thought.  Today that toe is purple and twice the size it used to be.

Want to see a picture of my toe?  Ha-ha.  I don’t know if I’ll be posting pictures or not.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Please feel free to make comments, ask questions, or whatever.

More later.


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