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Life Doesn’t Make Sense: Remembering Doreen Kimura Part 3

She had so much to live for.

Doreen had reached the summit in her field of research.  But she was still asking questions she wanted answers to.  She would have followed another line of research had she lived.  I can’t remember what it was.  She told me, but because I’m not a scientist, I forget what it was.  Maybe it had to do with her interest in evolution.

Speaking of evolution, what sense can I make of our human evolution?  In order to accommodate our big heads, our mothers deliver us at an acutely dependent stage of development; our big brains have survival value. We learn and learn, explore and create, grow intellectually, until we die.  Death does not seem like a sensible end to creatures with all that brain development.

Doreen enjoyed life.  She had one of the liveliest intellects of anyone I ever knew. Her body, however, fell apart and no longer supported her.

I have no answer.  I’m not sure I even have a question.  But she should have lived longer, much, much longer.  I can’t make sense of any of this.  Can you?


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Is it a Broken Toe?

Is it a Broken Toe?.

via Is it a Broken Toe?.

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Life is a lot of things.  It’s tough.  It’s wonderful. It’s an adventure.  It’s a journey.

One thing it is for me is:

            different  from anything I could have imagined when I was young.
I’m writing this blog for myself, to explore my own heart’s thoughts and feelings, memories and aspirations, and I’m writing it for everyone else who’s interested.  Perhaps friends and relatives will talk a look at it from time to time, to find out what new insights I’ve had or puzzling experiences I’m trying to sort out.

I’m a writer.  That’s what I love to do and would do almost incessantly  if I could.

I’m a friend, a sister, a wife, a mother, and grandmother, a counsellor, a teacher, and so much more.

I love to walk, but, it’s become a challenge.  Arthritis has slowed me down and yesterday I tripped and fell, bending a toe that is no longer bendable, or so I thought.  Today that toe is purple and twice the size it used to be.

Want to see a picture of my toe?  Ha-ha.  I don’t know if I’ll be posting pictures or not.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Please feel free to make comments, ask questions, or whatever.

More later.


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