Mystery Book to Tantalize You

The owner of our local bookstore is after me to finish writing my book! She said that people have been asking her if it’s out yet. I told her it’s nearly finished. She said, “Then why are you reading from it at the Active Pass Festival? Are you just tantalizing us?”

Festival Active Pass will a big event on Mayne Island and the other islands bordering on Active Pass. This April the 17th, 18th and 19th many of the local clubs and enterprises of one kind and another will be welcoming visitors to three days of activities. On Sunday, April 19th, the library has lined up local writers to read mostly from their books for young people. I’m so excited to be reading from Magda’s Mysterious Stranger, the fourth Magda book set on Mayne Island. It is a work in progress that is almost ready to go!

Who is the mysterious stranger? Who wrote the love letters? Will the band ever come together? These questions and more torment the imagination of junior sleuth, Magda, as she and her pals once again encounter life head on.

For a glimpse into the fourth Magda of Mayne mystery book, join me at the Mayne Island Library April 19, 2015, at 10:00.

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