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Those Bloody Teachers Seem to Go on Strike Every Year

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The teachers are on strike again? It seems as if they go on strike every year and make our kids lose school days.

Actually, they don’t. Never mentioned, in headline or media, is that since 2001, B.C.’s Liberal government has caused the loss of many more school days than the B.C.T.F ever could.

One media outlet, not untypically, screamed;

“3 strikes, 14 school days lost since 1995, because of the B.C.T.F., one of B.C.’s most “militant” unions.”

While it’s true that teacher strikes resulted in the loss of 14 school days since 1995, such headlines are inexcusably misleading and inflammatory.

Teachers had the right to strike from 1987 to 2002 when the government declared Education an Essential service, outlawed strikes, and removed working conditions from the collective bargaining process.

Ten of the 14 aforementioned 
lost school days resulted from a single strike in 2005, a strike in response to…

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considering a walk out – you in?

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In light of the imposed strife affecting our education system, I’m thinking maybe I should walk out too. You in?

Not for a moment do I begrudge the teachers or the school district. I mean, seriously, who would trade places?

While I might bemoan my own work day, I wouldn’t consider switching it for the challenges and importance of a class of kindergarten kids. If I were their teacher, it would be all we could do to manage to get our shoes off in time for recess to put them back on time before the bell rang to call everyone back inside. Everyone should have a go at that. Don’t get me started on lunch and the opening of yogourt tubes and granola bars. The fact that I would be mandated to teach the alphabet, the days of the week, the months of the year, the numbers and do it all without a nap…

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