Senators and Pensions

I just read about the difference between the income received by “pensioners” in Canada and that of a refugee.  The author recommended we take from the refugee and give to pensioners.  That, to me, is just robbing the poor to give to the poor.  A better solution would be to take away from Senators who are, after all, mostly receiving pensions already, and giving it to the rest of us.

I already had lost respect for the lazy freeloaders who seldom show up for work, but the latest revelations of their greed erased any respect I still had for the institution.

If the Senators were paid by the hour, for the time they spend actually working, and the rest of their income were put into a fund to pay those of us who have contributed to our pensions for 40 or 50 years, they would still get their pensions like the rest of us, and a bonus every time they showed up for work.   Fair?  I think so.


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