Writing a Eulogy

My sister passed away, and it will be up to me to give a  eulogy at her memorial service.   I will be praising her for the important role she played in my life.  Twelve years my senior, she was a mentor as well as a sister.

I read what I had prepared to two friends today, and I broke down.  This is not what I wanted.  I hoped I could get through it without even a catch in my voice.  There are some funny stories, so there is balance.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can address the subject of her loss without becoming maudlin?  Your helpful advice would be very welcome.



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3 responses to “Writing a Eulogy

  1. When I had to speak at my grandfather’s celebration of life, I rehearse what I was going to say over and over out loud as I walked and cried until I could say it with just the tone I wanted. This is practice allowed the emotions to flow before I had to speak in front of an audience. It worked. Though the emotion was just below the surface – it allowed me to gracefully honour my grandfather. Just a thought Amber and I wish you all the best. Whatever, you say and however it comes out it will be perfect!

    • Thank you, Terrill. When I am certain that the words I choose convey exactly what I want to say, I will follow your advice. Although I had read it to myself many times, while actually reading it aloud to two close friends, my emotions stopped me! I’ll work through my feelings until I can “gracefully honour” my dear sister.

  2. Oldguy1956

    Terrill is correct. Reading it over and over will not do the trick (I know from experience!). You have to practice it over and over out loud. Good luck.

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