Things I Like and Don’t Like

I got this idea from vinnylanni

Since I’m “baring my heart,” I might as well tell you a few things about my preferences.

I like the beauties of the natural world.  I find inspiration in the  sky, rocks, ocean, animals and plants.  That’s one of my reasons for choosing Mayne Island as my new home.

I like people.  I find them fascinating and wonderful.  I never get tired of people.

I like the language of children.  I find them so surprising.  They have new ways of looking at the world and of expressing their observations.

I like crocheting.  I design hats, just hats, and each one is different.  I always enjoy creating a new one.

I like to write.  I’ve written 3 books and many stories, poems, articles, and so on, and am always happy when immersed in writing.


I don’t like violence and cruelty.  It makes me sad.

I don’t like the experience of  speed.

I don’t like competition.


For now, that’s all I want to share.  But these are important things, to me.  I also have preferences in books, music, colours, food, and so forth.  Perhaps I’ll share them later.


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