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Things I Like and Don’t Like

I got this idea from vinnylanni

Since I’m “baring my heart,” I might as well tell you a few things about my preferences.

I like the beauties of the natural world.  I find inspiration in the  sky, rocks, ocean, animals and plants.  That’s one of my reasons for choosing Mayne Island as my new home.

I like people.  I find them fascinating and wonderful.  I never get tired of people.

I like the language of children.  I find them so surprising.  They have new ways of looking at the world and of expressing their observations.

I like crocheting.  I design hats, just hats, and each one is different.  I always enjoy creating a new one.

I like to write.  I’ve written 3 books and many stories, poems, articles, and so on, and am always happy when immersed in writing.


I don’t like violence and cruelty.  It makes me sad.

I don’t like the experience of  speed.

I don’t like competition.


For now, that’s all I want to share.  But these are important things, to me.  I also have preferences in books, music, colours, food, and so forth.  Perhaps I’ll share them later.


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Ups and Downs

Do you ever feel like you’re on a roller-coaster?  I do.  Sometimes I feel so low that I feel life isn’t worth  as much as a piece of mud.  My life feels as boring as the seventeenth day of rain.  My life is as dull as a plate of cold mashed potatoes.  But then the phone rings and one of my grandkids says, “Hi Gramma” and I feel as happy and warm as a sunflower at noon.

Or I might be walking on a beach, or writing a story, or crocheting a fancy hat, and then someone will bring up debts, dentists, or some other obligation, and I’m back to feeling like I’m a piece of dust under my foot.

I’m dealing with this instability on all fronts.  I’m trying to attack this moodiness with exercise, music, reading, thinking, breathing, and so on.  Please wish me luck in regaining my equilibrium, folks.

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Is it a Broken Toe?

Is it a Broken Toe?.

via Is it a Broken Toe?.

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